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Investing in

Highly Technical UnderNetworked Entrepreneurs


Boom backs companies of consequence.


Our vision is to build a community of the top 200 technologists of the 21st Century. We serve them with integrity, enthusiasm, capital, and community in creative ways.


We believe Silicon Valley does not hold a monopoly on innovation. Our interdisciplinary community-driven platform introduces deeply technical, under-networked founders who, on their own, would not have access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem. We provide a safe environment and valuable services to advance their technologies.

Boom’s portfolio construction is designed to produce consequential returns that only early stage venture can produce. Boom invests and has access unlike any other firm as a result of our home-grown, cult-like community.


For any inquiries, please email us:
our address

1150 25th Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107


you can fill in the following contact:

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